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Ballet Birthday Parties are loads of participatory fun!
The celebrant selects a fairytale and we bring the story, costumes,
headpieces and props for everyone to enjoy!

Miss Bailay was incredibly enthusiastic about helping to plan my daughter’s
fourth birthday Swan Lake-themed party. She wove a captivating tale for the girls using
story-telling and movement. All of the moms in attendance thought that it was a truly delightful
party, and the girls had a ball. It was a wonderful experience overall, and I highly recommend Miss Bailay. You won't be disappointed.”
~ Jessie, Upper East Side

Miss Bailay created a beautiful birthday party for my 4 year old with a sensitive and fun dramatization of the Sleeping Beauty story. The live piano music by Mr. Piano was a very special treat. I would recommend her party services to anyone who has a child interested in imaginary play and dance.”
~ Amy, Chelsea

Fantasy Ballet Birthday Party
The birthday child selects a favorite fairy tale. We bring the storybook, costumes, headpieces and props...and everyone dances the story! Children also dance a story adventure to rescue a unicorn, preceded by warm-ups, hopscotch, & tall tiptoe walks. And, of course, everyone loves to fly like a butterfly and gallop like a pony!

Grandma’s Tea Party
The fairies of Grandma’s garden can’t wait to return from the country to share their adventures with Grandma! After the first dancing hour in this two-hour party, Grandma welcomes the return of the fairies with a Grand Tea Party. She listens attentively to all their remarkable adventures while having birthday cake and refreshments. The Fairies Tea Party with Grandma may be combined with a Birthday Party for a thrilling celebration! Special costumes & accessories provided.

Yoga Birthday Parties With Dress-Up
We practice yoga poses, and enjoy movement, dancing, songs, stories, and games too. Everyone gets to dress-up as the Fix-It Fairies and journey to the Land of the Unicorns to help return the lost Baby Unicorn to her Mother. A pair of Dancing Goddesses lead the way, and everyone rejoices at the happy reunion of the Baby Unicorn with her Mother! Costumes, headpieces, and props provided.

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Ballet parties may be arranged in your home, a studio or other site in the New York City area,
and are subject to availability. For more information, or to inquire about a reservation,
email Miss Bailay, or call (212) 726-2362.

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