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{ The Ballets }

Deborah Bailay, Creator of Children’s Ballets, creates original stories for her students based on their interests and joys. In the grand tradition of ballet storytelling, she then develops these stories and turns them into captivating miniature ballets choreographed and costumed as a colorful theatrical production with beautiful props. The students dance all the roles (except select character roles, like the Merry-Go-Round Keeper for Miss Bailay, of course) and become immersed in the storytelling and enactment of the story through dance and mime. Some ballets may be based on well-known stories, like the Nutcracker Petite Suite. Sometimes a Guest Artist may join the cast. All the ballets result in informal showings by the students in a classroom studio presented for their parents and relatives.

Cassidy in Central Park ~ To Be Presented in Spring 2012.
Cast: Ballet Maidens class and other classes in the Children’s Division
Includes pas de deux and partnering.

Central Park Suite ~ To Be Presented in Spring 2011.
Cast: Handmaidens of the Ballet and other classes in the Children’s Division

The Dancing Statues of Central Park ~ To Be Presented in Spring 2010.
Cast: Handmaidens of the Ballet class

In a Rehearsal Room ~ This neoclassical ballet was originally created in 1986 for a mixed age group of young dancers. It is performed in classroom leotards, tights and a short dance skirt. About half the original cast from 1986 grew up and became professional dancers and several more casts of young dancers were raised with this ballet, as well. One of the dance students from the original cast was Kimberly who is now Ms. Kimberly Craigie-Blonn, a Consultant to IGA (see Staff). Miss Bailay is very excited to bring this ballet back to life in 2010 with her latest group of talented young dancers she has raised in New York City.

The Merry-Go-Round Ballet ~ The Merry-Go-Round Keeper excitedly prepares his ponies for the day’s events. Unbeknownst to him, that very day the Fairy of the Merry-Go-Round ponies and her twinkling cohort, Star, descend to spread their magical touch over each pony and decorate them extra-special for today’s eventful ride.

Four Young Girls follow a whimsical Kite Dancer in the park, then arrive with their parents at the Merry-Go-Round where they are greeted by the cheerful Merry-Go-Round Keeper. Each girl picks the perfect pony and the girls have a most fabulous ride round-and-round!

Returning home after such an exhausting, eventful day, the Four Young Girls fall sound asleep. They each dream about their perfect pony, and the perfect ride that day, and in their dreams they each become their very own perfect pony themselves. The Merry-Go-Round Keeper and a Flower Seller from the park dance through the dreams,too, and all the dreams are presided over by the Fairy of the Merry-Go-Round Ponies and her special magical friend, Star.

Nutcracker Petite Suite ~ Petite Angels in the Kingdom of Sweets dance and greet their Queen of the Kingdom, the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy. Soon after, Clara arrives to meet them all. She tells them all about the battle in her living room between the mice and the soldiers and how she rescued her beloved new Nutcracker from the dreadful Mouse King. After congratulating Clara, the Sugar Plum Fairy invites her to rest from her long journey and seats her on a throne. From there she can enjoy many different petite dancers who perform, like, the petite Chinese, petite Bon-bons, petite Spanish, petite Trepak, and even dancing ensembles of waltzing flowers and reed flutes. The beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy also dances and performs an exquisite solo to some delicate musical notes. Soon it’s getting late, and Clara must bid farewell to them all.

After leaving the Kingdom of Sweets, she encounters a whirling snowstorm and even meets a dazzling Snow Princess who presents Clara with a full-length blue satin robe trimmed in white fur to wear on her final journey home. When Clara awakes the next morning, she remembers all the exciting places and charming characters from the night before. She loved all the beautiful dancers and her favorite dancers were the suite of petite dancers who were all so, very, very sweet!

The Queen Bee Ballet ~ The Queen Bee Ballet takes place on Halloween Eve when the Pumpkin Fairies all gather inside a Jack-o’-Lantern to celebrate the occasion. After the Fairie Queen arrives, she tells the fairies about the plight of the bumblebees: many are sick and can no longer pollinate the pumpkin flowers. If this continues, we may not have any more pumpkins around. Well, being Pumpkin Fairies, everyone is dismayed!

The Fairie Queen then introduces one ailing bumblebee. She calls for outside help from an entomologist and a veterinarian. While these professionals can describe the ailment of the sick bumblebee, they cannot prescribe a remedy. But with fairy intervention, the Pumpkin Fairies alone turn the plight of the bumblebee into the flight of the bumblebee! The delicate balance of nature is restored, and the bumblebees will be saved, as will the future of all pumpkin flowers, and the pumpkins, and the Jack-o’-Lanterns, and the entire Halloween every year for that matter! As for the adorable, little bumblebee, well, the Pumpkin Fairies crown her “Queen Bee!”

The Seasons Ballet ~ To Be Announced.

The Sleepover Ballet ~ The Sleepover Ballet captures the exciting fun-packed evening of a sleepover with Coco and her friends. Her mother, Mrs. Strictley, doesn’t really want the girls to get out-of-hand, so she brings them a beautiful Fairy Dress-up Trunk and enough hats to play “What’s Under the Hat” game. Later in the evening, as tends to be the notorious nature of sleepovers, the girls break out in a pillow fight and then dissolve into a giggling mass of gangly girls. Finally tucked in bed after a very late night, the girls dream about their sisterly fondness for each other and they come together to dance and sing with their friends, Coco, and her mother.

Wishes Do Come True Ballet ~ To Be Announced.