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Complete a registration form, and mail it with payment to:
In Grandma's Attic, P.O. Box 230694, New York, NY 10023

Please make checks payable to: In Grandma's Attic.

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for registration confirmation, otherwise, no confirmation will be given.

{ Fall 2016 Schedules, Tuition & Registration }

» Upper West Side Ages 2-7 (PDF)
» Upper West Side Ages 7-14 (PDF)
» Chelsea (PDF)
» Washington Heights (PDF)
» Workshops (PDF)

{ Enrollment Policies }

Registration is accepted by mail ONLY.
In-person registration at class will NOT be accepted.

Reservations for registration may be made if you are concerned
your materials will be received late. To make a reservation,
email Miss Bailay or call (212) 726-2362 and mail in your materials with payment by regular postal mail within seven days. Reservations are only valid for seven days.

Tuition, processing, and registration fees are non-refundable.

There is no credit given for classes missed. Classes may be made up only within the session they were missed. Make-up classes may not be applied or extended into the next session. Please call ahead to arrange for all make-up classes.

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For more information, email Miss Bailay, or call (212) 726-2362.

{ Student Attire }

All Ballet Classes…
wear pink ballet slippers and white socks or tights on cold days. In addition, each class wears a different colored leotard, as follows:

Budding Ballerina: white

Fairies & Fantasy: light pink

The Young Dancer: light blue

Ballet Fairies: navy blue

Dancer's Bouquet:
hunter green

Dancing Goddesses: black

Handmaidens: black

Choreography Circle: any

Attire for Boys
Footwear: black ballet slippers
All levels: white t-shirt, black leggings, white socks

Attire for Yoga
No footwear;
leggings of choice,
T-shirt or top